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Ethelbert Child and Youth Care Centre is a residential place of safety that cares for 65 children who have been removed from their parents because of sexual and / or physical abuse, severe neglect, abandonment, and those orphaned because of HIV/Aids.  We have been caring for and loving children since our inception in 1907.

Ethelbert is not an orphanage: the majority of the children placed with us do have parents.  Our ultimate goal is to see the children reunited with their parents, once the parents have been rehabilitated. All cases are first cleared by the courts.  Therefore we work in conjunction with the Department of Social Development to ensure that, if possible, these children are placed back with their families.
Ethelbert’s main priority is to break the cycle of abuse and to build up the self-esteem and confidence of the children in our care.  This is achieved by providing our children with a stable and loving environment, counselling and therapeutic support, which helps them to work through and learn how to deal with their experiences.  Our child-orientated programmes, dedicated residential social worker, psychologist, and childcare workers help children in our care to develop positive life-skills in a secure and loving environment.
Our Social Worker simultaneously works with the families, providing therapy and counselling to them to ensure that they also receive support to overcome the reasons why their child was removed from their care.
Community integration is a very important part of the work done at Ethelbert.  This is why our children attend local schools in the Queensburgh area and various church groups, and partake in activities that are community orientated.